Seriously..this dude covered our song ‘Functions’ and it is AMAZING.

The guy is incredible…subscribe to him on YouTube!

His username is BenRyecroft9


When You’ve Made It

We kind of realise that lots of people out there probably don’t know what’s going on right now with our band.. So how about an update? That’s always nice isn’t it?!

Around the end of last year we released ‘There’s Only Ghosts’ as a single…and never really expected much from it.

It ended up getting us in touch with a lot of you guys, so many of you! So it was around then we decided we needed to head back into recording our new EP..

We spent months writing and generally scratching off so many songs until we came to a decision on what 3 were the best to track along side ‘Ghosts’.

The three we picked out are pretty much the best songs we’ve ever written as a band, we took so much time demoing them and producing them before we went into big boy recording ;)

Now, the EP just got back from Hollywood where our manager Lar hooked us up with a slick engineer <3

The EP is gonna drop just in time for Summer, so stay tuned ladies and gents..

It’s the start of something big.

Thanks for all the kickass messages, you guys rock!

Radio Room <3

Maybe you could write text posts about current things so that your fans would know what's happening? :) from Anonymous

We were planning to do that actually ;D
Just getting to grips with everything around here and waiting till we have a few more followers! :)